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Apr 2003 Suzhou Omay Optical Materials Co., ltd was established. 

Oct 2005 Succeed in developing environmental and flame retardant PC film.

Nov 2006 Succeed in developing non-halogen flame retardant PC film. 

Dec 2006 OMAY was granted “Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise” by Jiangsu Science and Technology Office.

Aug 2008 Succeed in developing non-halogen flame retardant PC film. 

Aug 2010 Named as Suzhou Omay Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

Aug 2011 Succeed in developing optical polycarbonate sheet. 

Mar 2012 OMAY was rated as presiding drafter unit for the national standard of polycarbonate film and sheet. 

Apr 2014 Set up the national level postdoctoral workstation. 

May 2015 Our new plant in other part of SND came into service. 

Dec 2016 Annual sales volume exceeded 11,000 ton.

Feb 2017 Introduce the global most advanced polycarboante extrution line optical grade.


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