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 Polycarbonate is a large class of compounds that contain carbonate groups in their molecular chain. According to different types of carbonate groups, they can be classified as aliphatic polycarbonate, alicyclic polycarbonate and aromatic polycarbonate etc., currently only bisphenol A type aromatic polycarbonate got industrialised production. So unless stated otherwise, when we talk about polycarbonate as an engineering plastic, we are refering it to bisphenol A type aromatic polycarbonate, abbreviates as PC, it’s molecular structure is as below:



  Polycarbonate has many special characteristics that other engineering plastics don’t contain, due to the flexible carbonate group and the rigid benzene ring in its molecular structure. Therefore it’s widely used. Due to the specialty in its structure, PC has a range of unique advantages such as excellent light transmittance, relatively high glass transition temperature, desirable chemical modification, easy for physical modification, excellent impact toughness, creep resistance, electrical insulation and wheathering resistance.

  PC films and sheets that made from polycarbonate have a wide range of temperature (-30~120℃)dimensional stability, excellent comprehensive properties and easy to process, therefore they are very widely applicated. OMAY uses extrusion calendaring method to produce PC films and sheets due to polycarbonate resin’s high viscosity. The technical process is as below:



  OMAY currently has 5 world’s cutting-edge PC films and sheets production lines, 2 raw material modification lines, 1 testing line, besides OMAY has several experienced manufactoring engineer, all products are produced in million-grade purification plants. Products’ thickness range from 0.035-6.0mm, width from 915-1530mm, with over a 100 produt types such as general grade, flame retardant grade, colour grade, widely used in areas such as high-speed rail way and aviation, flat panel display and LED lightings etc.



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